A Place to Call Our Own

A little over a year ago on Sunday February 1, 2015 firefighters fought a 3 alarm fire that consumed the Living Word of Riverside Church building, which had stood near Downtown Riverside since the 1920’s.

With an estimated $2.5 million in losses, the pulpit and the church sign reading “Pray-Believe-Expect” remained standing. The church was unable to rebuild at the same location due to the severe damage of the blaze. The congregation remained faithful as they waited for a new church to call home.

As the fire was being extinguished, Living Words’ Pastor, Edgy Gallegos, expressed confidence and proclaimed that the church would survive the tragedy stating,

“It hurts to see it, but we know that God has something bigger and better for us.”


A groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate having found a new church to call home was held on September 11, 2016. The new building is bigger and better just as Pastor Gallegos proclaimed. It has multiple sanctuaries that will accommodate the worship team, seat over 500 worshipers, kid’s classrooms, administration offices, a kitchen, and a café area for fellowship. 

The church found not only a new location in Grand Terrance, but they also found a new name, Living Word Inland Empire. As the building is no longer in Riverside, Pastor Edgy Gallegos felt lead to not only focus on reaching, teaching, mending, and sending in one particular city, but instead in all of the Inland Empire, saving one soul at a time.


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