Remodeling Our Church

We received the keys to our new church building on Friday August 12, 2016 and we have been working nonstop to make sure that our new building is welcoming, clean, and enjoyable. As we cleaned our church, we rejoiced in knowing that this was what God had been preparing for us all this time. He blessed us with an even bigger building than what we had before. But with that blessing also comes more responsibility. As we have begun to remodel our building, we thank everyone who took part in helping us. We were able to accomplished so much just within the two weeks before our Grand Opening Ceremony, and this was only the beginning because we are just getting started. These are some of the before and after pictures we wanted to share to give you a glimpse of what we have been able to do so far:

 Nursery before and after


The Entrance & Pastor’s Green Room


To see more of what we have done in the church, join us for one of our services and ask for a tour.

Church leaders created the Living Word Rising from the Ashes online PayPal page, which gives churches and community members an opportunity to donate online to help the church building fund. For more information on current fundraisers, check out our Facebook page: Living Word Inland Empire.

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