Our vision is to reach the lost, the broken-hearted, the torn marriages, troubled youth, gang members, drug addicts, & all those that society has called useless.

Our church is dedicated into changing these people with the power of God from useless to useful in society and in the kingdom of God.

So that through this process we can establish more churches throughout the community and the world with the ability to produce rehab centers like Living Word Harvest Centers

We stand by these 4 principles in our vision:

1. Reach them at any level …

2. Mend them through Gods Love …

3. Teach them the Word of God …

4. Send them to Fulfill their Call …

As we apply these things in the training and equipping of these men and women, we will see lives reach their potentials, and their abilities as they pursue the call of God.


Pastor Edgy Gallegos
Senior Pastor

“As a young man I was involved in a lot of nonsense not knowing where my life would end up. In and out of jail I faced 16 years to life but, through the power of Jesus Christ my life was changed dramatically at the age of 18. When I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, and through the guidance and training of my spiritual parents Pastor Ruben and Stella Reyna, they have instilled in me that God had a great calling on my life. In the year of 2004, we were sent out to pioneer in the city of Riverside, California where God has kept his promise and has supplied us with a beautiful building downtown. It is debt free and a tremendous congregation who have been behind us in the vision that God had placed in mine and my wife’s heart. We have just been experiencing the beginning of what God has in store for us as a church in the city of Riverside.  Please feel free to be part of what God wants to do in you and your family’s lives through our ministry. Me and my wife are grateful for what God is doing, and has done. It will be 16 years this April and the Lord has kept His promise. We now have planted 5 churches 6 men’s homes and 2 women’s home.

God is great and keeps HIS Word when you plug into to HIS WILL……


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